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Child protection and safeguarding of the children entrusted in our care is of the utmost importance to us as a setting – please refer to our safeguarding policy.
Illness/holiday – families are asked to notify us of any absence and the reason.   We have set exclusion times of 48 hours after bouts of sickness and/or diarrhoea to help to minimise the spread of infection There will also be exclusion times for other illnesses. We ask you to think carefully if a child is well enough to come to playschool no matter how much they want to come as 3 hours for a young child is a long time.  Any absences from playschool still need to be paid for.

Medication – we are able to administer certain medication to children upon written consent being received. You will need to refer to our medication policy.

Smoke free – we operate a smoke free zone from the time you enter the gates and ask everyone to uphold this – this also includes e-cigarettes.

Suncream – all children must come to playschool with suncream on after the Easter break (or before if the weather dictates). It should be applied at least half an hour before you go out into the sun. We will reapply suncream as necessary as the day goes on.


Snacks – children will need to bring in a snack with them for the morning session.   Snack needs to consist of fruit or vegetables.

Drink – all children must bring a named drink of water with them each session. We also provide milk for any child who would like.

Lunch – children staying for the day or coming for the afternoon session need to bring in a healthy packed lunch with them. We operate a no nuts policy (including peanut butter) to safeguard children with allergies.


Clothing – we recommend you do not send your child dressed in their best clothes as we have messy play out every session. We can provide t-shirts £3.50 and sweatshirts £6.50 we also sell sun hats £3.00. Please ensure that ALL items your child brings in are named to avoid upset and confusion. Please always send your child in with appropriate clothing for the weather – coat, hats, gloves, wellies, jacket, cardigan, sun hat etc.

Possessions – each child will have a box where they can store their possessions – please make sure they are named.  We do ask though that you do not send in sentimental items or items of value as we can take no responsibility for them.


Settling – all children are invited to visit us with a family member the term before they are due to start with us.  Each child is treated individually and as such this can be discussed on an individual basis.