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Admissions Policy

At Church Lane Nursery we operate an admissions policy to ensure that we can cater for as many families as possible. We aim where possible to be able to offer all children entitled to the Early Years Funding Entitlement (EYFE) 5 sessions the term after their 3rd birthday. If this is not possible the EYFE does allow children to claim funding at two settings. We are also able to offer free entitlement to eligible 2 year olds.

We operate a waiting list and children will be offered places from the top of the list at the appropriate time, all children need to be at least 2 to be able to start with us. We take on new children 3 times a year – autumn, spring and summer terms. Even though a child’s name has been placed on our waiting list it is not a guarantee of a place with us. Children will need to attend for a minimum of two sessions a week. We are open term time only and offer Monday – Friday mornings 09.15 – 12.15, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons 12.20 – 3.20 and full days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 09.15 – 3.20. If a family is offered a place and they decide to defer until their child is older or funded etc the child deferred will be placed at the bottom of the appropriate waiting list and may have to wait longer until a space becomes available. If a deposit has been paid then this will be forfeited due to the time and paperwork involved.

Most children are started off on two sessions a week and this can be extended once the child has settled and as long as there are spaces available. We will offer children already with us extra sessions before we invite new children in.

Children are entitled to receive 15 hours of Government funding the term after their 3rd birthday and this 15 hours can be taken across a maximum of 2 settings. Fees would be payable for any time taken over and above the 15 hours.

Some children are eligible for funding the term after their second birthday

Government funding and additional information can be found by clicking here

Our policy and practice will be formally reviewed on a regular basis

Last reviewed – June 2014 Last updated – June 2014