About Us

Where children come to learn through play in a happy, challenging and stimulating environment.

About Church Lane Nursery

We allocate each child a keyworker who will be responsible for helping them settle and taking them forward on their journey of exploration and learning. Each child has an online learning journal kept charting their progression. Regular appointments will be offered to parents/carers to share overviews and to set next steps for children to be working towards.

We provide information in our lobby area on all of our policies. We also offer a box of books that the children can read whilst waiting or even take them home as we love to be able to help foster a love of reading.


Children are marked in the register as they are welcomed – here they also self register by finding their name and place it on a box in which they put all their belongings. It is then time to find something to do – they may choose to do a drawing, read a book or play with some of the toys. We offer free flow throughout the session and allow the children plenty of time to see their activities through to a conclusion. Children are able to access their snack at any time during the morning (up until 11.30) and all children eating their lunch sit down together with members of staff to eat.

We offer child initiated play and also adult directed play and we work around children’s individual interests. Many children choose to be creative in areas around the setting that do not have an end result to take home so children will not always come home with pictures or paintings. If they do want to be creative and take something home we have a fully equipped make and do area for children to self access. We take photos of the children on an ongoing basis and these will be added to individual children’s online learning journals.

We have opportunities for story sharing throughout the session and have special ‘book nooks’ set up for small group book sharing which also become wonderful communication places.

Our garden area offers lots of open-ended activities with equipment such as planks, crates and tyres etc offered for the children to turn into anything from their imaginations. We have a kitchen shed and a large  sand pit that the children love to sit in.  We have a wildlife area that includes a pond and bug houses – we also love to feed the birds.